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Discover the Role of Gender in Psoriasis


Did you know that gender influences the quality of life of a patient with psoriasis? This material highlights the specific needs that women living with psoriasis have in comparison to same-age men.


The material is composed of a selection of slides about the unmet needs of women with psoriasis.  We also have slides available on the importance of shared decision-making, psoriasis disease activity and pregnancy, and the impact of family planning.




  1. Hawro M et al. Lesions on the Back of Hands and Female Gender Predispose to Stigmatization in Patients With Psoriasis. J Am Acad Derm. 2017;76(4):648–654.e2.
MedHub PSO PDUI Highlights Wave 3_Impact on Women_14May.pdf
Published on
29 May 2024

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